.August 04 2016.

I'll be playing ZZZ BTFD's 'anti-music festival', Day In The Woods, on August 7th, 2016. The festival will be completely unplugged and is located at the Waterworks Park (near the gazebo) in Brantford, Ontario. 12PM to 5PM (I'll be playing around 1:15). Contact me if you need more details.

.March 22 2016.

I'll be playing ZZZ BTFD's show on March 25th at the Station Coffee House in Brantford. Also playing are B.A. Johnston, Veloura Caywood and Ein Sof. Five dollar cover. Beautiful brand new Ultron Atreides t-shirts will also be available in limited quantities. Be there.

.December 19 2015.

Here are some pictures and video from my set last Saturday at the ZZZ House.

.December 03 2015.

Upcoming show at the ZZZ House in Brantford on December 12, 2015. Show is invite only. If you are not invited, contact me directly and I will put you on the guest list. w/ Prostars.

.November 04 2015.

Just posting a home-recorded version of Burgeoning Catastrophe from my just-released split EP Space Funeral on Poor Little Music. You can stream the whole EP here.

.September 28 2015.

Here is a recording that I just released with Poor Little Music. It's called Space Funeral and it's lo-fi as hell! Everything was recorded with one microphone and a shitty four-track on cassette tape (mostly).

This project has been physically released as a split cassette as well, with music from the one-and-only Tim Ford (Time Fjord) on the other side.

Cassettes are $5. Contact Robbie Michalchuk if you are interested. 30 copies available.

.July 22 2015.

I am still alive.

Although updates have been sparse, Ultron Atreides is still truckin'.

First, a new song, called Terrible Purpose, has been released on The Statutory Apes' new compilation album entitled Brain Damage. Many thanks to the Apes for putting together this excellent compilation! The cassette is unfortunately sold out, but you can name your price for the download.

Secondly, Ultron Atreides will be playing a secret show on Thursday, September 17, 2015 for Snoozzzefest in Brantford, Ontario. Tickets are already sold out. However, access to the secret show may be possible if you contact me directly. Coupled with the show will be an Ultron Atreides split cassette tape release from Poor Little Music.

More to come.

.June 4 2014.

Pleased to share an excellent 8-bit cover of Mentat Assassin by Kiev, Ukraine's Topoli.
Feel its chiptune goodness!

Also, Ultron Atreides will be playing a show with Hamilton's Fossils on July 26 at the Station Coffee House in Brantford. Probably will be the first and only show of 2014. More details closer to the date!

.February 16 2013.

Ultron Atreides will be playing the Brantford Arts Block's new space (111 Sherwood Drive, Brantford, Ontario) on February 23 with Esther Grey, The Folk, and Jack E Blue (of Cursed Arrows). Doors at 8:30, bands at 9:00. New songs will be played.

Also, Ultron Atreides has a Twitter account.
Ask him about time and how it flows.

.October 3 2012.

Work has begun on a short four-tack recording that will hopefully be released in the Spring of 2013. The working title of the project is 'Space Funeral'. You can listen to a sample track, "The Judge of the Change", below.

No shows till December. Thanks to everyone who supported and organized all of the shows put on throughout the summer.

.September 24 2012.

Here's a video of Human Hand from Friday's show at The Mixdown.
Thanks to user theshowlastnight!

.September 23 2012.

Here are some pictures and video from the final show at The Mixdown on Friday. Thanks again to Tristan for an awesome night and for all of his tireless work!


.September 14 2012.

The Mixdown (118 Dalhousie Street, Brantford, Ontario) will be putting on its last show on September 21st. Acts include Familiar Fiends, Cursed Arrows , Oh Cretins, Tim Ford, Bill Killionaire, and Ultron Atreides. More bands TBA. Doors at 7PM. Special thanks to Tristan for supporting the local music scene for the last two years.

.September 3 2012.

September 12th, 2012 @ Clinton's (693 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario)
w/ Dr. Ew, Orchards, Weaves
Doors 9:30 PM. Cover $5.

September 28th, 2012 @ The Station Coffee House (5 Wadsworth Street, Brantford, Ontario)
w/ Pay No Mind, Tuxedo Junction, Andromedan Sky
Doors 7:00 PM. Cover ???

.August 10 2012.

Ultron Atreides will be playing a house show in Toronto, Ontario at 750 Manning Avenue on August 31st. $7 cover, doors at 9PM w/ Say Domino, Sequin Kit, WTCHS, Phedre, Wicked Witches, and one more TBA.

.July 27 2012.

Here's an interview by Timothy Muza. Topics discussed include Time War Thing, rogue scientist robots, the Fremen, blowing bubbles, and recurring childhood dreams.

.July 17 2012.

Backroom Records' debut 7" recording, BTFD ROCK VOL. 1, will be released on July 20th at the Copoc Coop (518 Colborne Street, Brantford, Ontario). The release show will include performances from Familiar Fiends, Oh Cretins, Food, and Ultron Atreides. Doors at 8PM. No cover. The vinyl compilation will be on sale for $5, which includes tracks from Familiar Fiends, Reluctant Telephone, Digital Jerusalem, and Ultron Atreides. Special thanks to Chris George of The Backroom for putting it together! You can find more info here.

.July 4 2012.

Ultron Atreides will be playing a house show in Brantford, Ontario on 3 Darling Street this Saturday (July 7th). Rob Michalchuk will be playing as well. More bands TBA.

.June 28 2012.

Pyramid Blood Recordings' website has officially been launched at pyramidblood.com. Time War Thing is also available for purchase in the Pyramid Blood Recordings store. Check out Ultron Atreides' Facebook and Soundcloud sites, too.

Additionally, Ultron Atreides will be playing a show at the Mongolian Grill in Waterloo, Ontario on July 27th. Bands include Cartoons, Hellaluya, and The Ednas. More shows will be announced once they've been confirmed.

.May 28 2012.

Copies of Time War Thing are now available at The Backroom in Brantford, Ontario (9 King Street). Additionally, The Backroom will soon be releasing a 7" vinyl compilation of music from Brantford, Ontario. Artists include Familiar Fiends, Digital Jerusalem, Reluctant Telephone, and Ultron Atreides. A release show will be announced once pressing has been completed.

.May 24 2012.

Today marks the launch of Ultron Atreides' debut recording Time War Thing. The album is available for purchase online here and will also be available at The Mixdown (Brantford, Ontario) and Orange Monkey (Waterloo, Ontario) on May 25th.

Also, there will be a CD release show at The Mixdown (118 Dalhousie, Brantford, Ontario) on May 25th. Doors at 8 PM (PWYC). Acts include Nicolas Jonathon (8:15 PM) and Rob Michalchuk (9:00 PM). CDs will be on sale for $10. Check back for upcoming shows in Brantford, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto.